Interested in blogging and teaming up?

I want to reach as many people as I possibly can. While facebook is a good medium we are going to need an alternative because facebook is in the process of deleting people once again this time because they are PRO GUN. If you want to blog, and you like what you see here on my blog then I encourage you to join me and become part of my team. I will give you full rights and we can combine and get the hard hitting stories out there that the Main Stream Media will not.

INTERESTED? Send me a email : and let me know and I’ll contact you and we will get it set up before we go live again on January 1, 2013. PATRIOTS UNITE!


About Exposing America

I am a 38 year old PATRIOT. I believe in my US CONSTITUTION. I'm active in all things politics but enjoy much more. I'm a musician and enjoy anything outside. I'm a Amateur Radio Operator and have been now for 20+ years and I enjoy it immensely. I believe that our Country is experiencing the greatest amount of tyranny that we have ever seen. The current administration is the problem and the current moslem plant occupying our office of President is not helping matters out any. We must impeach and get rid of this socialist dictator and restore the office of President back to what our founding fathers made it.

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